College to Career initiatives look to foster success and professional development starting with academic interests. Building on the shared strengths of a UW Arts & Sciences degree, College to Career programs help students identify which liberal arts skills they excel in, and add to those a better sense of personal strengths and ambitions. That combination of academic and personal strengths will direct them to fulfilling professional experiences while still undergraduates and after graduation. 

Related Programs

  • Career Channel

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    Students smiling while sitting at a table

    The C21 Channel: Online Career Learning for A&S Majors

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  • Data Visualization

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    UW undergrads working on data visualization presentation

    Data analysis is no longer the sole domain of statisticians or programmers. Today, data goes beyond numbers; it includes all the information we use to make sense of the world. We need more people, across every occupation and field, who can bridge the gap between the quantitative and qualitative, and make complex information meaningful to different audiences.

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  • 2018: Career Accelerator for Transfer Students

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    UW student studying w/laptop on outdoor steps

    Are you a transfer student eager to make the best use of your time at UW? Do you wonder how you’ll turn your UW degree into a meaningful career? Where should you begin? In this 2-credit, online class you will hit the ground running. Through career-development tools, individualized projects, hands-on workshops and a supportive community of peers and mentors, this class will better prepare you to adapt to and thrive at the UW as you prepare to enter the job market. The format of this class will be primarily ONLINE, with flexible on-campus group coaching sessions and hands-on workshops covering a range of topics. To receive credit students will need to take a minimum of 2 coaching sessions and 3 workshops for credit; however, you will have the option of attending as many as your schedule and interest allows! (Note that the optional "Career Kickstarter" offered during Dawg Daze counts towards one of the the group coaching requirements -AND- one of the hands-on workshops!)

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  • C21@Microsoft


    UW undergrad at C21@Microsoft Externship program

    LinkedIn has identified over 4,400 UW alumni working at Microsoft, and they come from all majors and degree programs. For students in the UW College of Arts & Sciences, understanding roles for liberal arts backgrounds at tech companies might seem challenging because there is not a prescribed, linear route for the majority of our majors. This program will change your perspective on what the world of work looks like, not just at a tech company but through the lens and guidance of diverse professionals interested in helping our students better understand professional life after their undergraduate degree.

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  • Transfer Student Career Accelerator Lab


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    In this 2-credit class you will hit the ground running. This special lab, designed exclusively for Transfer students, will help you successfully navigate emergent career possibilities by leveraging the unique set of skills, strengths, experiences and aspirations you are bringing to the UW. Through a story framework, career-development tools, individualized projects, and a supportive community of peers and mentors, this class will better prepare you to adapt to and thrive at the UW as you prepare to enter an ever-changing 21st-century job market. Registration is limited to 25 transfer students. All fields and majors are welcome! No prior experience necessary.

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  • C21@Amazon


    UW undergrad at C21@Amazon Externship program

    Is it time to elevate your professional skills? Looking for a way to get insider knowledge around the roles and diversity of a dynamic workplace? If so, you are invited to apply to the C21@Amazon Externship Program. Through a partnership with Amazon and C21/College of Arts & Sciences, students will be matched with mentors at Amazon to explore the world of work through the lens of Seattle’s largest employer. If you want to know how careers develop in the 21st century, this program is for you.

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  • C21 Story Institute


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    The C21 Story Institute will immerse students in an intensive & competitive four-week Summer A Term “bootcamp” that uses story skills to integrate learning experiences with career preparation. Through a series of real-world team challenges, hands-on career trainings and individual coaching sessions, you will be pushed past your comfort zone—the place where learning and growth happen. By the end of the four weeks, you will be able to tell the story of who you are and how you want to make an impact in the world, with the creative, communication, and collaboration skills 21st century employers demand. You will also have built a network of staff, faculty, peers, employer contacts and career opportunities. Space is limited to 25 participants.

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  • A&S Career Lab

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    flipped student

    In Winter Quarter 2017, majors in the College of Arts & Sciences are invited to participate in a quarter-long career course (ARTSCI 150B) that will increase their self-awareness, intentionality, and career-readiness. How can we best prepare liberal arts students to find meaningful careers upon graduation? What can we do to equip them with the tools to adapt to and excel in an ever-changing career landscape?

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  • Career Launch

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    UW Undergrads working on career project

    Led by C21 staff and advisors in the College of Arts & Sciences, this 90-minute career workshop is designed specifically for recently declared Arts & Sciences majors as well as A&S premajors. After completing the Career Launch workshop, students will feel confident in answering the question “What are you going to do with a _________ major?”

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