College to Career initiatives look to foster success and professional development starting with academic interests. Building on the shared strengths of a UW Arts & Sciences degree, College to Career programs help students identify which liberal arts skills they excel in, and add to those a better sense of personal strengths and ambitions. That combination of academic and personal strengths will direct them to fulfilling professional experiences while still undergraduates and after graduation. 

Related Programs

  • The Intern Program


    Student mindmapping

    How do you stand out to an employer? How do you demonstrate that you can be trusted with work? How do you become the person an employer doesn’t even know they’re looking for? Through this internship, students engage more deeply around their professional goals to build skills and cultivate stories and experience around being someone other people want to work with. Interns identify and own individual projects ranging from marketing and outreach, to data resource and management, to program operations, to communications, and everything in between. They come away with practice in real world work collaboration, planning lifecycles of projects, and problem-solving in a way that will relate to the world after students leave the classroom. *Students must complete bootcamp in order to be eligible for an internship.

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  • Professional Launchpad - EFS 2022

    Career A&S-1.jpg

    UW Undergrads working on career project

    At C21, we tell students you start interviewing for careers on your first day at UW. We want to impress on students that the connections they make, the networks they join, and academic and professional skills they hone are all integral to creating a professional identity that is highly employable at graduation. This year, we are offering a short program to launch career readiness for students participating in Early Fall Start 2022.

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  • C21 Internship Bootcamp


    student working online

    Everyone knows you need an internship. But it is harder than ever to find an internship, and harder still to find one that really develops the key skills you need... What if there was a professional experience to develop and practice those key skills in a real-world context, where you would be continually challenged to grow, giving you the evidence to show employers how you are different from other candidates? Are you stressed out about internships? Does it feel like everyone else has an internship, or a better internship than you do? Whether you are about to start your internship, in the middle of one, or still looking, the C21 Internship Bootcamp will ensure that you will have the skills to take full advantage of your next opportunity. Eligibility: Only open to undergraduates and pre-majors in the College of Arts & Sciences (Seattle-campus)

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  • Career Channel

    Smiling boy at table_sm.jpg

    Students smiling while sitting at a table

    The C21 Channel: Online Career Learning for A&S Majors

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  • Data Visualization

    EFS Square.jpg

    UW undergrads working on data visualization presentation

    Data analysis is no longer the sole domain of statisticians or programmers. Today, data goes beyond numbers; it includes all the information we use to make sense of the world. We need more people, across every occupation and field, who can bridge the gap between the quantitative and qualitative, and make complex information meaningful to different audiences.

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  • C21@Microsoft


    UW undergrad at C21@Microsoft Externship program

    LinkedIn has identified over 4,400 UW alumni working at Microsoft, and they come from all majors and degree programs. For students in the UW College of Arts & Sciences, understanding roles for liberal arts backgrounds at tech companies might seem challenging because there is not a prescribed, linear route for the majority of our majors. This program will change your perspective on what the world of work looks like, not just at a tech company but through the lens and guidance of diverse professionals interested in helping our students better understand professional life after their undergraduate degree.

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  • C21@Amazon


    UW undergrad at C21@Amazon Externship program

    Is it time to elevate your professional skills? Looking for a way to get insider knowledge around the roles and diversity of a dynamic workplace? If so, you are invited to apply to the C21@Amazon Externship Program. Through a partnership with Amazon and C21/College of Arts & Sciences, students will be matched with mentors at Amazon to explore the world of work through the lens of Seattle’s largest employer. If you want to know how careers develop in the 21st century, this program is for you.

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