Tell Me About Yourself


The question ”Tell me about yourself” might seem like just an icebreaker, but really it has an important purpose. It’s a signal to tell a concise and compelling story to give your listener a reason to help you--or hire you! In this module you will follow a  step-by-step guide to develop a unique self-story pitch that will make your listener remember you and want to be part of your future success. 


  1. Use this pitch  to apply to specific C21 programming, like the C21@Amazon and C21@Microsoft Externship programs.
  2. Receive feedback from the C21 team, along with information about upcoming career opportunities for which you may now be eligible. 
  3. Put this story immediately to use in interviews, networking events, LinkedIn, or anyplace where you’ll have to talk about yourself!


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Student on computer.png

Student on computer

Use your self-story to give your LinkedIn page the "wow" factor. Completing this module successfully will earn you membership to our C21 LinkedIn community page where you can network and share resources with other career-minded A&S students. Even if you haven't started a LinkedIn profile, this module will show you how to begin.

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