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Have you ever “Googled” yourself? Whenever you apply for a job or other opportunity, chances are your interviewer will.  Why not put your best self at the top of that search by making a great LinkedIn profile?  LinkedIn is not just another social media platform; it is an essential networking tool for finding purposeful work, and this is especially relevant for Arts & Sciences students pursuing majors that are by design not pre-professional. Whether you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet--or whether you do but it needs some work--it is never too early (or too late) to start building your professional story. If you’ve already completed Module 1 “Tell Me About Yourself” you are halfway there.


If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can join the C21 Career Network LinkedIn group, where you can:

  • Join a community of professionally-minded Arts & Sciences students to learn how to improve your profile and leverage LinkedIn for career and networking opportunities;
  • Get advice and tips from UW alumni, staff and others affiliated with the College of A&S about current hiring practices and work cultures;
  • Get up-to-date job/internship listings and other opportunities posted exclusively to this group.

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Student in an interview

The question ”Tell me about yourself” might seem like just an icebreaker, but really it has an important purpose. It’s a signal to tell a concise and compelling self-story to give your listener a reason to help you--or hire you! In this module you will develop a self-story in a step-by-step format that you can use in interviews, networking events, or on Linked-In.