As Associate Dean for Educational Programs, Kevin coordinates undergraduate education and curriculum across all four divisions of the College of Arts and Sciences. Trained as a sociologist, he has taught courses in sociological theory and methods, the sociology of culture, and social psychology, and started the practicum program in Sociology, partnering with employers from the federal and local government agencies to nonprofits. He has also led study abroad programs to Leon, Spain and Tokyo with Cynthia Caci and other C21 staff.

Kevin started C21 because too many students reduce the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of college to four more years of school. C21 programs challenge students to grow beyond a person who gets good grades and become the one employers seek and society needs: the person who creates value for others. Not every student is ready to leave the comfort of the identity they have spent so much time building -- the one that got them into this university. And that is their right. But C21 is committed to working with those who are ready.

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