What is an ideathon, you ask?

Good question! An ideathon is a short, intensive, workshop-like experience for students to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Participants work in teams and use design thinking and innovative learning practices to ideate and collaborate on possible solutions.

C21 + CoMotion Ideathons are primarily for undergraduate students from all disciplines. In fact, the best ideathons combine students from many majors – a biology student working together with a linguist, a drama student and a political science major. The wider cross-section of students involved, the more perspectives there are to come up with insights that are relevant and novel.

About CoMotion

CoMotion® is the collaborative hub for expanding the societal impact of the UW community. Their mission is to deliver tools and connections that the UW community needs to accelerate the impact of their innovations. For more on CoMotion Student Programs: http://comotion.uw.edu/for-students

About C21

The Center for 21st Century Liberal Learning (C21) represents an investment by the College of Arts & Sciences to discover a new kind of learning for the 21st century. This inaugural “C21 + CoMotion Ideathon” is designed to provide our students with an intense experience in design thinking innovation, while helping them build the collaborative, critical thinking and communication skills that are in high demand by employers today. Learn more about C21.