September 26, 2016

Does majoring in the liberal arts limit career options for UW undergrads? A group of advisors in the College of Arts & Sciences has formed to answer a resounding “no” to that question. In 2016-17, the College to Career Leadership Council (C2CLC) along with staff from C21 developing and leading programming across majors to give students tools and confidence to see just how vital it is for liberal arts majors to become expert “generalists.” Through their work, they hope to help majors in their respective departments better understand their own strengths as well as the importance of understanding complexities in a changing world.



Kicking off the 2016-2017 academic year, the C2CLC began offering the “A&S New Major Career Launch.” In 90-minute sessions, newly declared majors identified their strengths and aligned them with their major work and study.  In winter quarter 2017, the C2CLC offered an “A&S Career Lab” where liberal arts majors took a deep-dive into situating their strengths and interests in real-world career options, as well as  understanding how they can adapt to the multiple non-linear pathways that students take after graduation.


The work of the 2016-17 C2CLC followed on Dean Bob Stacey’s initiative to transform undergraduate education, particularly in pre-professionalization and career development for liberal arts majors. Advisors on the C2CLC came from all four divisions of the College: Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.



2016-17 C2CLC Members:


Cynthia Anderson, CHID

Eloise Boyle, Slavic Languages and Literatures ​

Cy Delgado, Psychology

Janet Germeraad, Biology

Caitlin Goldbaum, School of Drama & the Musical Theater Program

Nell Gross, History

Susanna Hansson, Sociology

Aimee Kelly, Integrated Social Sciences

Suzanna Martínez, Spanish and Portuguese Studies

Tracy Maschman Morrissey, History

Jon Olivera, UW Career & Internship Center

Alyssa Penner, Law, Societies, and Justice 

Patrick Pineda, Economics 

Erika Samson, Communication

Gabriel Skoog, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Sabrina Tatta , French and Italian Studies


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