C21 seeks to build a 21st century liberal education that fits the students, faculty, and goals of a world class research university.

When they finish at UW, our students will enter a world different from the one into which their parents graduated. Our task is to build, from the intellectual breadth and rigor that have always made us who we are, a college experience that prepares students for a fundamentally different world. That world needs skilled generalists: intentional, creative, collaborative problem solvers who will face challenges and opportunities tomorrow that we cannot imagine today. These are the graduates employers, communities, and students themselves expect and demand of us.

Fortunately, these are also the students who can take full advantage of the richness and depth a world class research institution offers. C21 combines skills and practices from the professional world with an idea at the heart of all the arts and sciences: story. Skilled generalists use story not simply as a means to communicate, but also as a tool to see connections, to create new ideas, and to collaborate to make those ideas happen.